Regional Vision of the Gulf States: Iran

The normalization process that started between Israel and the UAE with the Abraham Accords last year was later reflected in some Arab states in and outside the Gulf. While the effects and discussions of this agreement, which seems to be one of Israel’s greatest achievements in recent years, continue, the Gulf countries have also emerged another normalization process as another important development. It seems that the Al-Ula process initiated by Saudi Arabia and Qatar will maintain a softening atmosphere in the Gulf. However, the changing balance of relations in the Gulf will affect not only the Gulf but also many other regions outside of the Gulf. The question of whether the atmosphere of Al-Ula will bring the normalization or harmonization of the parties of the agreement, which also experience foreign policy conflicts in areas outside the Gulf, seems to be an early question to answer for now.

Bill LAW, Editor of Arab Digest, ex-BBC Gulf Analyst, UK

Dr. Hassan Fakher AHMADIAN, University of Tehran, Iran
Prof. Dr. Nurşin ATEŞOĞLU GÜNEY, Advisor to the President of Turkey, Nişantaşı University, Turkey
Dr. Assal RAD, Senior Research Fellow at NIAC Action, USA



Mar 12 2021



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