“Election in Germany: Presence of Turkish Diaspora” Online Panel

In the 60th anniversary of immigration to Germany, the diasporic characteristics of Turkish society still remain a subject of debate. It is estimated that approximately 1.2 million of these people have the right to participate in the elections in Germany, where approximately 3 million people can be considered as Turkish origin. As these figures require Turkey to have a diaspora policy, and it also forces Germany to implement policies and practices specific to the Turkish Society. Diasporic assets and activities cause many outputs that need to be managed for both the Turkish Community, Germany and Turkey.

The increase in their tendency to be permanent in Germany, which they went to temporarily, required the Turkish society to integrate into the society they were in and to provide an environment where they could make demands from the political institutions of these societies. Considering that there are three stages in the process of political integration, namely trust in political institutions, commitment to democratic values ​​and political participation, it is seen that Turks have entered this integration process. Thus, Turkish immigrants began to be interested in politics whether they had the right to vote or not.

The ever-increasing level of political interest and participation is concurrent with the increase in the experience and education of Turkish society, as well as the increase in expectations. As a diaspora society, expectations can be interpreted with socio-political explanations, although there are differences from time to time. Especially for voters who have not severed their ties with Turkey, the choices may become complicated.

Germany’s 2021 elections are important in many ways. With the end of Merkel’s rule, it is quite possible to expect changes in domestic and foreign policy. In this important election, the activities of the Turkish society in Germany and the stages of political participation should be evaluated.

Topics to be discussed:

  • The effects of Turkey’s diaspora policy
  • The effects of the Turkish Community in Germany on Turkey’s diaspora policy
  • Political self and preferences in Turkish Community in Germany
  • Political participation of the Turkish diaspora
  • Turkish Community in Germany 2021 election campaigns
  • Turkish Community’s preferences and expectations in Germany 2021 election
  • Turkish origin candidates and 2021 election results


Oct 20 2021



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